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Local Security Services & Products

We are in the business of selling ourselves and by that it is our ‘’Staff’’ that is our product. Our Staff are not only our guards and cleaners and catering staff they are also our biggest asset and our best salespeople. By creating an Elite team, we set the standard in the industry to give our clients the best product & local security services.

Local security services including: Guarding & Door Supervisors

- Permanent Guarding
- Temp Guarding
- Door Supervisors & Events
- Postroom

Local security services including: Keyholding & Alarm Response

Local security services including:
Alarm Response
- Commercial Keyholding
- Locks & Unlocks
- Residential Keyholding
- Mobile Patrol

Local security services including: Mobile Patrol

Local security services including:
Locking and unlocking premises
- Setting and disabling alarms
- Ensuring the building and premises are secure
- Out of hours checks on all business premises
- Random patrols to avoid detection by intruders

Future Services

Our facilities management services will be coming soon, they will include cleaning, catering, IT Support, Business Removal and Installation Services etc.